Two sided machining options

I wanted to know if VCarve Pro offers the ‘double’ job type option for two sided machining - the feature that adds locating holes for alignment. Also, do others have a preference for using this method, vs perhaps creating a jig for the stock material that will be machined? Is there an application/material/etc that favours one method over the other? I am considering experimenting with this for both wood and aluminum projects.

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AFAIK, in VCarve Pro it is on you to place registration locating holes on your design (and then be sure to mark those vectors as “copy to other side” by right clicking them when they are selected. Don’t forget which “flipping” mode you selected when you set up a two-sided job (front-to-back or side-to-side).


Two sided works well in vcarve pro. I used the dowel alignment method. There are several good 2 sided vcarve videos in YouTube and the vectric web site.

Thank you for replying. I had previewed a few videos before posting, but what confused me was that the software name at the top of the user’s open window was always either ‘Aspire’ or ‘Vetric’. I was hoping that this feature, and the use of inverse dowel holes, was available in all version levels of the software, which seems to be the case from what you are saying. Would still enjoy hearing from others as to whether dowel vs jig methods of two sided machining offer any advantages over each other.

You can do that research yourself. Download the free version yourself and when you start a new job and define the material, see if the first line of the definition has “double sided” as an option.

I forgot to mention. I use the dowel method because I do a lot of wood joinery with dowels. I also used dowels for alignment when tiling. For example, I make 4,5,6 ft picture frame molding using the molding tool path and tiling.

I believe other members were able to answer my first question. If you have any experience with these methods, the second part of my question, and have any relevant thoughts that would be great.

Thank you for the information, it’s appreciated. I do not have my machine yet, but have been spending my time working through F360, and seeing if I can bring life into some of my ideas. Slow progress but learning a great deal - thank goodness for WWW, YT videos, and experts willing to share their expertise.

I just watch this video yesterday. Its for the other cnc but I think it could be done the same table modification for the 1F. (90) 3-sided rotary CNC routing Carving a Koi fish - YouTube But doing the pegs to hold a project in place would also be good.

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Thank you very much for sharing the video - it was definitely inspirational. Up to this point I had only been researching content related to two-sided carving. The mechanics I understand, setting up the 3 cutting planes in the software is where I would be lost - more to learn.

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