Two-sided with Carveco Maker

Can you do two sided carving with Carveco Maker?

I see nothing for index holes or anything remotely familiar.

I have googled, went to Carveco, and YouTube and I must be using wrong terminology or something

Can some of you very smart people help?

I don’t use Carveco, but here’s what I do in a case like that.

0:0:0 in the center of the project.

2 or 4 holes in waste for screws or bolts equidistant from center.

Treat each side as a separate drawing but with same center and holes.

When you flip the board, as long as you screw it in the same holes, it’s centered.


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Thanks for the info….I’m new at this so I just asking.

So that we are clear Carveco Maker does not allow for double sided carving except as what you mentioned?

Thanks Again

I don’t know, as I don’t use Carveco. I use VCarve Pro, among a host of others.
I was giving an example of how I’d do it in a program not having double sided cutting. I’ve done it this way before.
You just have to make sure that when you flip the wood, it’s in the same spot.

Note that if you always use the center of the drawing as the 0:0:0, even down the road, you can come back and carve either side again (as long as you aren’t doing super fine detail).
Practice, practice, practice…


I had a look for this too and couldn’t find any specific feature in Carveco for it like you’d find in VCarve. As Pony says there are manual ways of doing it in Carveco. Looking at Vectric’s videos on their capability shows that there could be some real advantages to using VCarve products if you were to do a lot of 2 sided work.

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Yes. Better than that I show how to carve 3d 4sided chess pieces with basic maker. Carveco is better than vcarve in many ways. As someone who owns both vectric aspire and carveco maker +. I think carveco has better workflow and faster tool pathing. Way better 3d tools in the more expensive versions. How to carve a 3D chess piece on a 3 axis CNC The Undead Dark Knight - YouTube


I watched your video and was amazed at what you made.

It was made with Carveco maker right?

I did notice you had a jig in place and that was a good idea but what about index holes for bigger projects is there a way to do that?

Once again brilliant idea and great way to figure out a problem that is similar to what I am facing


Yes you can do that with larger pieces as well. Its mainly about having it centered in the wood so when you flip it the center is still the same reference point. From there it is just a matter of rotating it and getting the the depths of cut to match.

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From my experience, What I am going to do is set the origin to center, then make a jig around the perimeter of the project, like pony said, as long as the material is in the same place, the centers will be the same, If you create a pin holes, just make sure that they are all equal distances from the center of the piece. Also something to note, the board your using MUST be square, unless your using the center as origin, then you just need to make sure that the boar sits exactly where it did when you had it front side up.