Issue with dovetail bit on Morgan Hop’s Wasteboard File

I purchased Morgan Hop’s CNC Dovetail Wasteboard COMPLETE System for MATCHFIT Hardware files from Etsy.

I ran the files on my Onefinity Journeyman 50 and everything went great up to step 10. In step 10, you are supposed to add the dovetail bit and probe Z only. I did exactly that but I’m getting the attached warning.

I’m so close to finishing and hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance!

The program is going to lower the bit further than it can physically move (-139.113mm where-132.999 mm is allowed) based on the current Z height, Since you can raise the workpiece, you can stick the bit out further (might need a bit with a longer shank) or you can move the spindle/router lower in the holder or if none of them work you could move the slider assembly to a lower set of mounting holes (likely need re-tramming the router if you do this).


I ran the same file and had the same issue, you have to move the Z axis to the lowest of the three available settings in order to run that file. Once the file was finished you can move it back to the previous height and keep going.


Thanks Josh. I ended up doing exactly that late last night and it worked. Glad to see your message this morning that confirms I did it correctly.

One thing I wish I had done though was make the oval starting spots longer so that I could use my MicroJig Dovetail Clamps. I’ve had them for awhile and would love to be able to use them to hold down workpieces. I suppose I could alter the one toolpath to make the slots run right to the edge of the spoilboard (like in the attached image).

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Thanks so much for the suggestions. I ended up having to move the Z slider assembly down to the lowest holes. That did the trick!

You’re welcome, I just saw this reply!
I have since removed the wasteboard and went back to double sided tape, I didn’t find the dovetail horseshoe clamps did a good job holding the workpieces down. Maybe those clamps would work better, but yeah you’d probably need a more elongated oval entry point for them. Cool idea!

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Hello. I just purchased the files and wondered at what point I should surface? I assume I would surface after running the V-bit test. Am I correct?

Hey Jason,

I don’t know to which “V-bit test” you refer to, but usually, surfacing is done as soon as the machine is ready for use. But it is not ready for use before it is checked and adjusted for rectangularity and coplanarity. Before surfacing, have you ensured your machine is

  1. rectangular (“squared”) (bar gauge) and 2. coplanar (“not twisted”) (fishing line method) ?

Surfacing the wasteboard does help nothing if the machine is not accurately rectangular (“squared”) and coplanar (not twisted). All your workpieces including the wasteboard will remain a parallelogram and have a twisted surface if you didn’t ensure that steps 1 and 2 are done accurately.

Furthermore, if rectangularity and coplanarity are not perfect, the Y movement can block or have “hiccups”.

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Thank you for the information. I had heard of these “checks” for square and coplane. I will check before surfacing.