It has arrived! Woo-Hooo!

My Woodworker arrived yesterday, along with my QCW and Rolling Stand. Looks like I need to hit the depot for my waste board today. Oh, and I still need to tell the wifey I bought this thing before she stumbles over it in the garage (I am going to be in so much trouble, perhaps a nice cutting board will get me out of the dog house).


You didn’t tell the wifey?!? If we see it show up in the “For Sale” section, we’ll assume it didn’t go well. :laughing:


@Bern if we don’t hear from you in the next couple days should we dispatch local PD for a welfare check?

I am alive and well! My new toy is still sitting in the garage in boxes, I think she has noticed but no comments on it yet. I did find it strange that I had an unusually long “honey-do” list today, so no unboxing for me just yet. I did manage to get my waste board material, but I need to figure out a good way to cut it on my portable table saw. That stuff is crazy heavy.


I was going to say what could possibly go wrong.

Exactly, I mean who really needs all 10 fingers anyway?

Its always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission lol.