Journeyman X50 sale: Massachusetts

Hi All

I am looking to sell my journeyman X50, still in warranty till Nov23. Offers accepted, price is $2200 and pickup only. Comes with suck it boot pro.


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Where in MA and what does it come with aside from the boot pro? (e.g. control box, display, router, table, etc)?

Thank You

It includes all the regular items like control box, display.

Interested. Could you give more info? Photos etc. thanks. I am in south central ma…

Have you sold this yet?
Thank you
P. L.

Nope still with me. What kind of information? I will try to upload some pictures

i believe i am nearby, i would like to see it.
could you contact me at my email?

Hey Let me knw if its still available

@mhashim89 pm sent regarding the machine

Hi have you sold this, I am interested if not!