Journeyman x50 supplies for newbie

Hello there,

Ive recently bought a journeyman x50 with a controller and HD display. I think that’s all it came with and the 1finity…?

So my question is, what else do i need to buy(accessories) to set it up correctly once the journeyman x50 arrived?

I see that i need a Z probe, dust boot…?

Thanks you

Think you nailed it, definitely the dust boot and z probe would be on my list. Then a 12 gallon rigid shop vac, a cyclone dust separator and a long hose. Many on this site will have other ideas.

A bit of small stuff, power strip and a remote control power switch for the dust vac.

There are an infinite number of places to find bits, but would probably set a ‘layered’ approach to bits as they can get pretty pricey. Hope this helps.

Thanks a bunch. Ill definately grab the stuffs that you’ve mentioned.

And also, do i need to purchase any program to run the 1finity or does it come with the 1finity machine ?

Hi @q1cc - if you are interested, I did an entire video series on what you need to get up and running plus a spreadsheet of parts.

Part 1: The REAL cost of a CNC machine - YouTube
Part 2: The REAL cost of a CNC machine - PART 2 - YouTube
Google Sheet - CNC Cost Calculator - Google Sheets
Excel -

5 Essential Accessories - 5 Essential Accessories for a CNC - YouTube

Hope this helps.


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You’ll also need a router (or spindle & VFD) and dust collection. If you get EITHER a Router OR a shop vac for dust collection, you’ll need REALLY GOOD hearing protection as well.

For a newbie, we suggest starting with the Makita router. Spindles/vfds push the limits for someone starting out, especially since we do not offer support for them.

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This is relative. The router &/or Shopvac don’t get louder by virtue of being used in a CNC table. They are likely to run longer than when using the router handheld so it’s worth using hearing protection just as it would be if being used standalone.

Personally I use Isotunes but standard foamies or ear muff type hearing protection work fine. My 1F is in the garage and I can’t hear it run in the attached living room.

Don’t want to scare a newbie into thinking they’re going to be dealing with a jet engine in the shop :slightly_smiling_face:

I would agree they don’t get louder, but as you point out, they will be running typically for much longer than handheld, and that can certainly take a toll on hearing. That’s what drove me to a spindle.

The point to be taken here is to protect one’s hearing. It’s not on the top of mind list of purchases when a new owner is excited to get going, but does need to be raised for their own good (and enjoyment).

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I’ve been watching it. Only the first part so far because I’ve been busy with work. Thanks you so much.

Also, whats is VFD? I bought a makita router already. Now just need hose and vac

I would disagree on the hearing protection. You should use it whenever you have a router running, CNC or handheld. Noise levels above 85dB do damage no matter how long you are exposed, the damage cumulative. Being exposed 15 minutes at a time 6 times a day is no less damaging than 1.5 hours of steady exposure.

Once you lose some percentage of your hearing, you are not getting it back, ever. This is not meant to scare anyone it’s a fact. Take it from someone who was exposed on the job long before hearing protection standards were in place and now has partial hearing loss.

Ear muffs are better generally than the disposable foam ear plugs. They might seem like they cost more but the cost is all up front and it is less than $50 for a good pair. You pay once and then you have good protection for a long time. Get the disposable foam ear plugs and you’ll be buying again and again, at least if you use them as intended which is one and done. If you like ear infections then use them over and over.

Is your hearing worth $50? I would give $50,000 to not listen to this ringing in my ears 24/7 and to be able to hear the full range of sound again. Mine is not severe, only a 10% loss, but I still don’t like it.

If you have space i would highly recommend putting your vac in a neighbouring shed or in a covered space outside your main work area. I only know my vac is on by the contraction of the hose.

By way of example (if it works!!)
Vacuum on:

0.1mm Surfacing: