Any tips on replacements part or importance accessory?

Hi Good day,

My cart is ready to go.
I’m new to the CNC this is going to be the first purchase .

Onefinity Journeyman X-50 (48"x32" Cut Area)
Journeyman QCW Frame (Secure from above)
Any Surface Leveling System
Onefinity “Wireless” Joystick
Small Set Oops Clamps
Onefinity 3-Axis Touch Probe
Infinite Dust Collection Kit (Includes Suck It Pro and PWN CNC v8 dust boot kits)

Since shipping cost is waaaay too much (1600 USD) for me, I wanted to do it one time.
is there any replacement parts I’m going to need the frequently ?
Or any other recommendation ?

You will need some end mills at a minimum. I’m assuming you selected the controller and monitor as well?

Not sure where you got $1600 from - a Journeyman alone (no options) is over $2800.


I believe his shipping alone is $1,600 which is why he wants to get everything in one shot.

Yes it’s with the controller but not the monitor.
I’ll have a daticated laptop.

As Ken said that’s the shipping cost only.

So there is not parts of the machine I’ll be needing soon?

I would go with the large set of Oops clamps. I have the small set, they are amazing, I wish I had ordered the large set but… shipping and import costs to Europe (while not as high as what you experience) means I’m hesitating to re-order for such a small item.
Also consider the hand nuts for the t-tracks since you have a QCW frame.

Make sure you don’t need the cable extension (it depends on where you plan to sit your controller).

I broke my suck it dust boot in the first week I had the machine. The boot is the most fragile part that moves. You can mill and glue most replacement parts but it might be an idea to get a suck it shoe (in the replacement part section) which you cannot mill yourself. Or to add the basic boot kit as spare parts.
Or better: be very careful while you learn to jog the machine around.

Thank you all , placing the order.