Accessories Options for New User


I am sold on buying a Onefinity Journeyman, but before I buy, I wanted to get an understanding of what accessories I should buy. More specifically, I’d like to understand what accessories are worth it and which ones aren’t really necessary. CNC machines aren’t completely foreign to me, but I have never owned one and it has been a very long time since I’ve operated one. With that said, you can consider me a newbie.

The accessories I’m looking at getting are:
-Journeyman QCW Frame (Secure from above)
-Infinite Dust Collection Kit
-Large Set Oops Clamps
-Onefinity 3-Axis Touch Probe

What is everyone’s experience with these accessories?
Are there any other accessories sold by Onefinity I should highly consider?
Are there other accessories that I should consider buying that are not sold through Onefinity (drag chains for example)?

Not sure if this helps, but I do have a full blown shop with a large scale dust collection system and power access to 120V and 220V.

I greatly appreciate everyone’s input in advance!

Hey Garrett,

I wouldn’t buy a QCW Frame without buying the Any Surface Leveling System. At least I did.
The other things you mentioned are also very important in my opinion.

Also most users say you definetely would want a wired Joystick or a wireless one. Or directly go for Remote control panel V1 for the Onefinity :slight_smile:.

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The QCW is not needed but would make life easier. But you can make a table that will do everything the QCW can do. The dust collection is nice but I would say wait until the question section I post below. Many people either make their own clamps or find alternates that work for their workflow. The touch probe is a nice option. You can get by without it but if you have it you’ll use it all the time and value it.

Here’s the question section. First off, have you thought about a joypad? They are cheap and make life much easier. I wouldn’t be without one. I haven’t looked lately but a Logitech 310 is less than $20 and can be bought off of Amazon. Secondly, have you thought about a spindle? If so the 80mm mount would be worth getting. Now the dust boot. If you are thinking of getting the 80mm mount down the road getting the dust boot now might cost you more in the long run. I’m using a dust boot off of Amazon that accepts a 4" hose so I don’t know too much about the 1F options. I’m the type of person who likes to pay for shipping once so I tend to just bite the bullet and get what I want vs upgrading later.

Drag chains aren’t needed but they do look nice and organized. An arm to hold the hose for the dust collector may be a nice option. However if you have a shop with a real dust collector you may have overhead piping. If so an arm may not be needed.



Check out my etsy shop. Most of my accessories help organize your cnc such as the vacuum hose boom, Touch probe holder, joypad holder etc. Then I also have some accessories such as the riser blocks (that allow you to crave into an 8" thick slab of wood or the router and spindle light that helps eliminate the shadows around the bit.


I found the jtech laser to
be extremely useful for engraving my wood products.

Hello Garrett - I don’t want to sound self-serving, but my last video series on the total cost of a CNC might help you: The REAL cost of a CNC machine - YouTube and The REAL cost of a CNC machine - PART 2 - YouTube. Part two runs through accessories and it’s all documented in the google sheet. Hope this helps.



I highly recommend RowdyRoman’s router light ring. I have the 65mm. It’s easy to install with enough cable to fit in a drag chain if desired.

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