Jtech 14 watt mount and shroud, dust boots for sale

Selling some extra parts I havbe setting around.

  1. jtech 14w housing and onefinity spindle mount. Includes cables.
  2. zero toolsetter for elite with extra switch. SOLD
  3. Complete pwncnc v3 dust boot with arms for onefinity
  4. suck it dust boot base with spindle mounted hose holder.
  5. probe holder for elite and probe holder for bench mount. SOLD
  6. spare servo
    Prices negotiable plus actual shipping charges.

Is the tech laser still available? What price are you looking for? What about the power adaptor? I have a woodworker pro, what else will I need to use the laser?

This is just the empty shroud, mount, and cables for sale, just like the ad says. Sorry.

Is the dust boot 80mm and compatible with the z20 slider?

Let me look this evening and see what I have.