Jtech 14watt laser

Been playing around with my New Jtech laser ,now mind you I have not sent it a project yet. But it seems to be that I need to press the reset button every time I turn it back on. Now if this is the case why did they not make it more accessible Or am I making a mistake somehow,somewhere…

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it’s part of the ‘class’ of laser.

I don’t know what you mean by that. Could you please explain this to me…

Here’s how you turn it on:

Here’s a bit more background:

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Why can’t I use the laser to set up my “will call”my start point with out un homing my 1f. If I start my 1f and home it up it will not allow me to use the m3 s10 mid code. but if I do not home at start up it will let me use the Mid button.