JTech reset button

Most of the time I have to use the reset button on the JTech controller to get the laser going.

Typically when turned on with the key and toggle/power switch, I get no green pilot light until I push the reset button on the JTech controller. Occasionally the green pilot comes on when I turn it on with the key and toggle sequence. Thus far I have not noticed a sequence that avoids the reset.

Is there some sort of start up sequence I am not using properly? Currently I start the touch screen, then start the OF controller and then the laser. Or I may have been running toolpaths with the router and then turn on the laser. The majority of my laser work is augmenting V-carves at the moment.

I just set mine up yesterday, had the same questions. I found the manual from Jtech, page 15 describes the start up sequence.

I looked into this more deeply and studied the manual more carefully. The manual is inconsistent with what I have observed. So I emailed JTech and got immediate answers. (great customer service!) It turns out the manual needs a bit of tuning and they will take care of that. Meanwhile here’s what I have been told and it is consistent with my observations:

The proper start up sequence is:
1. Turn the key first to allow the engaging of the relay coil.
2. Then, press the reset button to hear the “click”.
3. Then, the power switch will work to turn the driver on and off.

If you leave the driver plugged into a power strip which is on, then you can just use the laser driver power switch to turn it on and off. If you lose power to the laser driver, or turn the power strip off, then you will have to press the red reset button again when you want to put power back to the laser driver. You can always leave the key in the driver and turned to the right and you can skip that step.

It is all part of the a latching interlock system driven by FDA regulations for this class laser. Three conditions have to be met for the interlock system to latch. The driver has to have power, the key has to be inserted and turned to the right, and the safety interlock jumper has to be inserted. With those conditions met pressing the reset switch will latch the interlock. If the system looses power, the key is removed, or the safety interlock jumper is removed the interlock will have to reset. With interlock latched the power switch can be used to turn the laser driver on and off.

So, if you shut the machine down like I do, which includes power to the laser, you will have to use the reset button to get it going again. What I have observed is the way it is supposed to work!