Jtech 7w, 14, 24w, and 44w, Lightburn Cutting Library

I listed my Lightburn Libraries here for the 24w, 14w, and 7w Jtech Lasers:

How to install them:


@OnefinityCNC are these the files you referenced in your lightburn video?

yes these are the exact same ones

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@onefinitycnc Is there any other speed and power charts we can reference? These files don’t really include any solid woods.

jtech may have more on their website or forums

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Is there an updated library for the 14w laser?


were you able to find an updated library for the 14w? I just got mine in the mail today.


Thanks, Mike! This will help out a lot. I’m just getting started and only have my MDF dialed in.

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You are very welcome! :slight_smile:

Do you have a library for hardwoods?


I am looking for a 24w library. Who is the “Jennifer” you spoke of in your previous post?


Hi!!, I need this library too, I just received my 24W JTECH Laser. If you get it can you please share it with us, thank you in advance :).

Did anyone finally get the 24w library?

I have had no luck in finding the LB material library. I have pretty much abandoned LB for Aspire since Vectric supports the post-processor. However, speeds have been trial and error. If anyone finds the library or has suggestions for speeds, please post.

So I am guess no Library 24 w

Anyone find that 24 watt library? Kind of ticks me off that i spent the extra cash for the 24 watt and no library is available.

is this recent? I sent them an email about a month ago and they did not have anything for 24 watt

Just updated my post with the 24w, 14w, and 7w libraries I have. This is all I have and I don’t have any other settings or files somewhere.

These will get you at least a starting point. Your laser and my laser will be a bit different, so not every setting will be 100%, but should be a close start!

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This was as of 5-15-23 when they sent it to me.