Elite Masso Jtech Laser Docs and Test Files

Important: In order for the laser to fire on the Elite Masso Controller, the machine must be homed prior to the laser being used!

PWM frequncy must be set to 4000hz in ‘multihead settings’ on the F1 page.

Lightburn Profiles for Jtech Laser on Elite Masso Machines.
Onefinity Elite Laser Foreman Profile.lbdev (3.6 KB)
Onefinity Elite Laser Woodworker Profile.lbdev (3.6 KB)

Test Files:
Lightburn Files:
Elite Laser Test Carve.lbrn2 (40.8 KB)
Masso Grayscale test.lbrn2 (20.8 KB)

Elite Laser Test Carve.nc (159.3 KB)
Masso Grayscale test.nc (1.1 MB)

Lightburn Library

More info directly from Masso: