Jtech 7w laser on elite not turning on for homing/project

I installed the 7w jtech laser on my elite foreman about a month or 2 ago and it was working great. I set it up on the masso controller, powered it on at 8% power (ms380) to locate the project zero, and ran through a few projects without a problem. I didn’t touch the laser (except uninstalling the laser head) until today and now it won’t fire under the msi command nor for a loaded project. Any ideas on what I’m missing?

Other details:

  • both fans turn on, leds light up, laser fires when turning the switch on the jtech control box.
    -tested continuity of all cables, double checked that all cables terminate at appropriate locations on controller
    -outside of this, cnc machine and controller function without noticeable issues
    -masso registers tool 111 as laser engraver. Masso controller shows laser power on with whatever power designation I type in and run. Laser button turns on and off without laser actually turning on
    -trying to run a program and no laser fires but gantry moves as you’d expect

I am having the exact same issue, fires when manually switched to full power, Masso controller says laser engraver is selected, on and at designated power input into MDI but NOTHING. Captain, you ever find the remedy? Most of my troubles with Masso have been some bonehead setting I overlooked and hopefully this is another one!

It was kind of a unique problem. I emailed CS at onefinity and jtech. Jtech sent me some processes to check voltage at specific points and I was getting the wrong answers. They told me that they think my board is bad, so I ordered a new one ($$$ btw). I installed it and no dice, so I was pretty defeated. I rechecked everything… continuity, voltages, wire connectors, damage, etc. Very long story short, I discovered that it was my laser cable connection to the masso controller. When I moved my monitor during homing, it stretched my cable to the point of pulling the pins slightly out of the plastic connector.

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Funny thing, after posting my message to you I emailed Jay a J Tech and he had me checking voltage etc. While doing so I realized the connector for the laser cable had become slightly disconnected because of the movement of the screen during homing. Sounds very familiar.
I have never been a fan of the Onefinity screen location on my Legacy Journeyman or the Elite and I seriosly don’t like the flimsy feel of the cable connectors of the back of the screen or the fact that its wide open for dust to get in. I mean its basically right at the corner of Saw Dust Central and Chip Load Way!
BTW, have you had luck with the Masso link staying connected? I have great wifi and the Masso controller says its connected but Link drops just as I’m wanting to upload a file! Pretty frustrating!

Thanks for the reply.

Wow, lightning does strike twice haha. I got pretty frustrated with the screen on the same side as the homing corner, so I got some extension cables and my monitor is on the right side now. MUCH happier. I am a little concerned as you are with the potential cable connection issues, but I guess we’ll see how it stands up to the tests of time.

I havent used the masso link yet… that’s disappointing to hear about your experiences.

I added a TP link wifi extender right next to the Masso and the connection is perfect now.