Jtech laser offset

Does anyone know the laser offset?

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I actually measured the offset. But I guess it will only work for me. Anyhow here is what I found : deltaX = -1.5mm and deltaY = -79.5mm

mine was -.05 in x, and - 2.75 in for y

Layne mims

How do we find the offset, please

Hi Gregory,
Basically when you laser is attached, you home your machine and then you fire the laser. Second you move your router to the laser spot left and look on the screen the displacement.
Hope it helps.

how do you accommodate for the offset in you g code? 0 X and y then set the offset as your 0? this off set should be relatively consistent due to the mounts being the same? or is that taken into account when using the laser module in Vectric program.

What Bcadet said was perfect. I made a video showing how to do this before seeing his solution. Here’s a video I made where I went through the process: How to find the exact offset of your J-Tech laser on your CNC machine - Easy! - YouTube


Thanks for the video. It there a way to save the laser zero?