Laser project then cut out

How the heck are you guys lasering a project then getting it lined up to be cut out? Is there a video on this ? Or do you cut out then laser? I just got the Jtech Dualpower and been working with it a bit and any help will be appreciated. Thanks LL…

I use a V-bit to mark the home point, then zero the laser at that point when it’s time to burn.

You can also use the same technique to calculate the offset between bit and laser, then move the axis by that much and set home position each time you switch from bit to laser and back.


Surprising they don’t have an offset built into the firmware to set once you’ve made the measurements.

Don’t know cause I don’t have the setup but it would seem….

If the laser is mounted center lined with the router the only changes needed would be the Y distance offset from laser tip to center of the router.

But I do know what assuming will do for you

Yep, once you figured out your offset you can easily enter the move commands or even add them to the GCODE…

Does any one have a video on this ? The distance my laser is in front of my router bit center is 3.753 with my rowdy Roman lite ring installed.this is my 1infinty setting on the screen. Now this is where I get messed up, I want to laser a coffee cup image then cut it out with out moving the blank. I think the set up has to do with the gear or the tear drop image on the 1fin screen. I just get lost here… Thanks for your help…L.Lee

I don’t have a video but I’ll try to give you a “visual” :slight_smile:

You’re going to laser the cup and then cut it out…

  1. Home the laser: You will usually be starting the burn from the center or front left of the workpiece. You bring the laser to the desired starting point and press the “teardrops” next to X and Y axis to set that position as the starting point.

  2. Mark the starting point: You want to be able to recall the starting point as you’ll need to set the router to that same point soon. Either mark it with a pencil, burn a dot with the laser or write down the X and Y offsets from “True Zero” (You’d need to get those before pressing the teardrop icons in step 1)

  3. Set the Z height of the laser and burn: Using the provided sparer, set the height and use the teardrop for the Z axis to zero it at the correct height. And burn the image.

  4. Home the router: With router bit in place, move the bit to the marked starting point we used for the laser. You can use the joystick, screen buttons or enter precise coordinates in the MDI section. For your purpose I would just visually move the bit above the marked starting point and use the teardrop icons again to set the new zero for X and Y.

  5. Probe the Z axis and cut.

Hope that helps