Jtech Laser Problem

My laser will turn on at the Home location the move to where it is supposed to start text. This doesn’t happen all the time. I ran 4 jobs all the same. 3 worked fine, then on the 4th job it turned on at home and lasered accross my job to the spot it was supposed to turn on. This just started happening the last few weeks. Any ideas?

What program are you using to create your gcode files?

If you are using your normal post processor in, say, vectric, your onefinity believes it is “spinning up” a spindle as it moves, and that is why the laser is firing from the jump.

As for the discrepancies between runs, no idea. The nice thing about cnc machines is they try to do exactly what their instructions say…

I resorted to covering the path it takes from start to the text. I typically run a low power fast test on cardboard to make sure of the text placement. Then I typically run my burn file for a moment to check placement. Then I swap the cardboard for my panel. That’s when the laser turns on from the start. If I don’t run the burn file more than once it doesn’t seem to do it. I can get one correct run.