Lightburn Setup?

Is there a link or video on how to setup the settings for Onefinity w/ Jtech laser on Lightburn?

I’m all hooked up, but don’t know how to create the gcode file to test this thing out.

Please help!


I have been able to create and run a g-code file from Lightburn which moves the machine appropriately. However, I too would like to see a setup video as most directions from Lightburn require a direct-connect to the machine through USB. While my code makes the unit move, the laser never turns on (Niclovin, I would help but I don’t want to send you down the wrong path).

Can anyone help with this and does anyone know how to “test fire” the laser manually so I can check and make sure all the connections are correct?

And here I thought Fusion 360 would be hard and the laser easy.

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just got my laser and ill start my setup today.

have you been able to fix the issue?

We’re working on one now.

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I noticed something in the Jtech Vetric laser post processor page.

the onefinity post processor has the same name as the MACH4 post processor.

I downloaded the other post processors and they all had the correct name. for example shopbot has the correct name dedicated to their machine.

so unless we use the same post processor than MACH4 then the link are messed up.

maybe our machines are not communicating correctly because the post processor we are downloading is not the right one. thus, the machine moves but does not turn the laser.



so to my last reply.

I decided to download the “” GRBL 1.1 – No Z Dynamic Laser Mode (X Carve, Shapeoko3, etc)“” instead of the ONEFINITY post processor and the laser worked perfectly.

i really think Jtech might have messed up the link to the onefinity for some reason. i hope this helps


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@Horaciorivas Onefinity JTech Laser Lightburn software.pdf (1.2 MB) I have this for now which I sent in an editable form to J-Tech. They are working on posting it to their website and when they do I will remove this post. That way, as things adjust this does not confuse the situation. Just make sure you do not press home on your machine with your laser armed. It will activate the laser at 100% but they are working on a fix.


The home issue SHOULD be fixed in 1.0.5 we just released.


thank you! I’m loving the laser so far!

@Horaciorivas @UTLONGHORN

I was able to have a successful burn! My question is, if I’m trying to burn in an exact location on a piece, isn’t there a way to have a preview (on the piece) where it will burn? I feel like I’ve seen others have the laser do a highlight on the piece (no burning) before the actual burn.