Jtech Onefinity 7W Laser Kit

Not getting much use out of it, would rather upgrade to a z-20 and stiffy for my 80mm spindle.

Comes with all parts in the kit to make it work.

I live in Canada, but work in the US, so i can ship from either country (no duty/import taxes)

$450 US +shipping or
$600 CDN +shipping

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where in canada are you? i live in Toronto are you close?

I’m in Windsor, 3.5 hours down the 401. Shipping probably less than $50

would you take $500 including shipping?

I could meet in the middle and throw in shipping at $550. Can probably ship it out today

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@sponzo hey hvent heard back, thoughts?

Hi Josh, I’m not ready for the laser yet. I need to figure out a better location for my 1F to vent the smoke from the laser. We can keep in touch. My email is ssponzo@gmail.com

@jholl2772 Hey is this still available?