Jtech Rotary attachment and Vcarve Pro

Is anyone using Vcarve pro with a rotary attachment? I’d like to know how you are finding it to work with. Considering buying the rotary, but I don’t want to learn more software if avoidable, so I’d like to just use the Vcarve and not bother with lightburn. Is it possible? how are the results etc… all the usual questions.

I had mixed results.
I would design in Rhino and then import the STL file in Vcarve.
Sometime VCarve would totally screw up the STL file. I think they have bugs in the 4 axis toolpath and do not address them because not enough people use the rotary and complain.

If you have the Masso controller and can do 4 4-axis cuts (90 degree rotation then 2.5 D carve) you probably be fine, or of you want to carve simple objects that are very round too.

There are some videos on YouTube on how to import STL files in Vcarve and use the rotary tool but hardly anyone post results of successful carves.

I am still thinking of getting RhinoCam for rotary, but the price is steep, and like you I do not want to learn another software.

In other words, you will certainly encounter problems with VCarve.

Edit: my biggest problem was that everything looked great in the preview toolpath tab and the actual carve was totally distorted.


Thanks for the info. still making up my mind