Keyboard commands

I think of it as a Simi-manual kinda thing. press up arrow input 20 Action: y axis move 20 mm Ect… could be very useful for quick jobs.

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there is no keyboard…so keyboard commands are moot

This is basically what a MDI is for. I’m not familiar with the software yet, but I would assume there is a way to manually enter GCODE to execute line by line.

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But certainly a keyboard be supported? Typing in G code to the MDI on a tiny touch screen would be annoying at best.

This confuses me a bit. this will be my first cnc so maybe i just dont understand yet? i do own 5 3d printers. With 3d printers i can connect VIA RJ45 and use Pronterface and give direct commands to the printer. Im really surprised that you can not do this. I know it dont come with a keyboard but it comes with 4 usb ports to plug devices like a game controller or a keyboard? i thought anyway…

Sorry if there is confusion. you can plug in any usb keyboard and use a keyboard. However, the goal is to make it simple and simply touch what you need to do on the touchscreen (which is optional).

@St0mp - RJ45? Likely RS232 in the end. Serial over USB. Nevertheless, a keyboard will be required for advanced users - quick touch screen to frequent tasks would be really nice.

I connected a wireless keyboard to my OneFinty controller and it works flawlessly. It would be a nice feature addition if keyboard jogging were enabled using the arrow keys for the x and y axis and the page up/down for the Z axis. For now, my keyboard has a built in mouse pad which works the same as touching the touch screen so there is really no loss in functionality of the controller.

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That is close to what i was talking about along with the ability to add distance as well. I use to work in structural engineering, with software called Eframe from Mitek. and it was one of the most simple software to design a structure. arrow keys for direction and keyboard input for distance. This would allow the onefinity to be completely independent. If your object is 300x300 and you want a something 20mm along the edge. You should be able to manually input the job with out going to your pc using this method.
Can the onefinity use Pronterface to control the movements? I can use pronterface for manual movement of my 3d printers

Now that the Onefinity can be supplied without its own monitor, and it being clear there is very limited touchscreen compatibility, I think it’s a good time for this to be reconsidered by Onefinity. Keyboard inputs for jogging x, y, z and speed/distance would be very helpful!