Manual operation

Can the OF be operated manually? I am new to cnc and have a project in mind where I would like to be able to cut where I move the machine. Thank you for any tips/advice.

Hey Trey,

yes, you can enter g-code commands one by one into the MDI field of the Tabbed Section of the Control Page.

In manual mode, you can also move the machine with a corded gamepad or a wireless gamepad, or with the arrow keys on the Jog Tab.

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Thank you very much, appreciate the tips!

I think someone, who has more time and talent than myself, needs to come up with a CNC game which uses all manual movements. Something between the board game “Operation” and the “Snake” game? Perhaps you have to move the machine, with the bit spinning of course, around a maze-like path, all the time avoiding obstacles and without crashing!


Hi Trey - welcome to the forums. As @Aiph5u indicated, you can manually enter gcode if you want. I did a full video on it a few weeks ago if you are interested.