Can't manually run GCode

I must have inadvertently changed a setting in my controller. I was able to run m3 commands to manually run the spindle to resurface a workpiece. Then I had to restart, after which I can type in code, hit enter, and … nada.

What did I FUBAR?

Hey Brian,

you mean into the command entry field of the MDI Tab (in the Tabbed Section)?

  • Do other commands still work, e.g. “G0 Z0”?
    (G0 = rapid move)

  • Did you think of that M3 only works with a value of S>0, e.g. by entering


Yes, under the mdi tab. Tried the g0 commands, m3 s[rpm], just the basic stuff for which I have cheat notes written on the wasteboard because that’s all I’ve learned so far.

Hey Brian,

and no command produces any effect? Does the command

(debug, Z=#5223)

do something?

As if by magic (or divine intervention), it’s now taking codes again. Go figger.

Hey Brian,

the Buildbotics/Onefinity user interface is a web page written in dynamic HTML, so sometimes it’s enough to reload the page in the browser.

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