Starting spindle without file

How do I start my spindle without running a file. I just want to control the running spindle with the game controller. Can I do this through my screen ? Thx, Rich

Yup, you can enter g-code directly and have it execute right away. If I remember correctly, this will turn on the spindle to 18,000 RPM: M03 S18000

To turn it off, enter: M05

Trying to picture in my head where this is on the 1F web page - it’s one of the tabs next to the load/run buttons.

It’s the MDI tab next to the “Auto” tab above the section where you load your file.

ok homed machine , entered mo3 s12000 ( thats tops on my spindle ) Nothing starts

You entered mo3 or m03? You don’t need the 0 anyways you can just say M3 S12000 and M5 to turn it off. But if you want to put the zero make sure it’s a zero and not the letter “o”

OK Got it… Thanks a million. Just learning so I know I will have more questions. Thanks again.

No worries that’s what the forum is for, we all have more to learn and luckily there’s people here that enjoy helping out.

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