Kreg 44x64 Table

I’m going to buy the same table alot of folks buy but have a question as I’m not clear as to what everyone says to do.
Should I install stringers and if so, how ? are they all ripped down to sit proud of the Kreg top stretches ?
What is the dimension of the Kreg top stretcher height ?
I also plan on installing 2 layers of 3/4 ply wood glued together then screwed to stringers.

I have had problem with my Kreg Tables. The metal right at the casters started to bend.
I will never buy a Kreg table again. A good 4by4 wood design is the best. My 2 cents

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If I recall, there were 2 places to put stringers where there were screw holes in the bottom of the stretchers, but you could always drill your own. The stretchers are a c shape so your stringers can fit inside those. I put them in flush with the top, but only used them to mount my vertical supports for my drawer slides. The top stretchers are 3" high and the metal is around .07 thick.

I just finished installing draws under mine and I’d buy the table again. I used a torsion box so the stringers weren’t that important.

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Do you find the wheels move the table around when cutting. I was also thinking of getting the wheels as well.

The table shakes some, but it doesn’t move and it hasn’t effected any of my projects. I had the casters off at first, but like the ability to move the whole thing out of the way if needed.

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Ya. I want to be able to move the table as well. I might get the wheels.