Laser cutting w/air assist and work piece support?

I want to laser cut various materials - wood, leather, cork, gasket material, . . . .

I believe the JTech 14W Dual Pro laser with air assist will handle the job.

For rigid items like solid wood and plywood, one can simply use supports to raise the material off the waste board to keep from burning the waste board and its components such as T-slots and threaded sockets. I have been told for you should also put a piece of painted black sheet metal on the waste board as a barrier.

For more flexible materials such as leather, gasket material, and cork what are you using for a support? I am wondering if there is a honeycomb material that would work?

I use a honeycomb raised cutting deck Deror Honeycomb Working Table Panel Board, Working Table Work Bed Plate Panel Platform Board for Laser Engraving Cutting(400x400x22mm) : DIY & Tools on both my onefinity and also my dedicated laser.
I would suggest you use a non-reflective metal tray under the honeycomb and under any free-standing supported items as the beam will scorch and burn the waste board.
Others use improvised baking racks or roasting trays


I use a dedicated open frame laser cutter. A honeycomb bed is one of the best ideas. You can get them with a sheet of aluminum as well to protect your spoil board. You definitely want that shield. You may also want a standoff between the bed and aluminum so that smoke can escape.

Note that cutting some plywoods, and other materials will release nasty chemicals. Leather will stink as will some plastics (acrylic), etc. You really need to include proper exhaust (with a make up air source too) if you are doing this indoors. Well worth watching this: Are cheap laser cutters safe? - YouTube

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@Atroz, Thanks for sharing your experience and insights.

Yes on exhaust, I have a fiber laser with a 6" diameter axial fan exhaust system that is available to the CNC setup. My shop has smoke detection that is integrated into my home’s security/fire alarm system. If it alarms, the phone starts ringing and the fire department may come!


Darren, thanks for your reply and sharing your insights. I am digging into options for a honeycomb support.