Laser Cutout First try

Learning my new 24W laser. 1. To find the best settings for my test cutout runs I used various settings. The one that worked best to cut through this 0.375 inch piece of cherry were 100%, 55 in/min, 8 passes, etc. Is there a better way or does it just come with experience. 2. I found that securing the material was a problem. I used magnets but am hoping for better suggestions.

55 ipm is way fast. I think jtech normally does 10-15.

Also hooking up air assist will give you much cleaner cuts (less scorching) faster.

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Thank you, presumably by slowing it down I should be able to reduce the number of passes. Just received my air pump. How do you secure the material to the laser bed?

It depends on the part. If i can elevate the part for a cutout i do so. I have used painter’s pyramids sat inside of a baking sheet before… extremely ghetto but it does work. You don’t have to secure lasered workpieces nearly so well as pieces you are going to cut. Some double sided tape is great.

One of those “honeycomb” boards makes it being disturbed by air less of an issue and also removes most of the scorching in the rear.

Most economically i make clamps on a 3d printer and use t track in my waste board. I also have 3d printed some vacuum clamps that do a good job. Be mindful of your air assist disturbing lighter workpieces and moving it.

I am using the 14w laser. I actually love it, a lot more than I expected, so I am considering the 24.

Pictured: the most ghetto laser solution… ever. I just weighted down the piece so it couldn’t move.

End result:


Thank you for the advise and info. Also great puzzle -inspired me to something with say, an elephant :-). Best T