Pre sales questions Jtech

Current laser if i buy today is the Jtech 7w PRO? and this thing can for sure cut 1/4in Baltic Burch plywood from homedepot? no BS on this right? (Not you or anyone on here) but im sick of fake specks.

Yes, every laser sold is now the 7w pro

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Also would like to know the capabilities of the laser not to much info or videos out there (that I could see)

Just seen a video where the dude tried to cut 1/8 plywood 10 passes at 100% 5 ipm and did not cut through.

yeah i seen that one as well. but i think that is the 1st version not the pro that is shipping now. guess the pro version does much better but its a manufacture video from Jtech

If this thing can honestly cut 1/4 inch baltic burch plywood ill buy it today but if it cant i do not want it. sick of BS specks

Yes, that looks like the ticket. also I noticed that the j-tech guy was also lowering the laser each pass where in the first one he didn’t mention that. I ordered on with my machine, If it does cut that will be a plus. I got it more for the engraving. keep us posted, when do you get you machine? Hopefully getting mine this week, but have a drag knife and vectric software to learn prior to getting a laser!

Mine is not due until the end of April. Software should not be too difficult as I use Fusion 360 and Inkscape already for my 3d printer, vinyl cutter, and my CNC plasma table. Pretty sure Fusion can generate G code and tool paths. I also ordered V-carve to use with the 1F will download the trial closer to the ship date to check out the different aspects of the software. As with all new tools there is a bit of a learning curve, this one won’t be any different.

Dont worry about learning Vcarve pro. Tons of videos to help, and once you use the nesting thing makes that 700$ bill totally worth it. This was my first CNC as well got mine about 2 months ago. I know its kinda off topic but its my thread i can jack it if i want:)

I have not found a single user video cutting 1/4in plywood with this laser. Just the one video from Jtech. Reason i dont trust that is not because of OF or even Jtech. I bought a laser master 2 20w (5.5 output) Your lucky if you cut cardboard. they state you can cut 1/8th plywood. If i spend 700$ on a laser that states can cut 1/4in baltic berch and it dont cut it. can i return it for a full refund?

I’d have to think the fact that they’re lowering the Z height is making a large difference here. Effectively, after four passes, they’ve lowered the height 0.100", which is 40% of the cut depth. At least comparing to other laser cutters. I have a 30w CO2 laser, haven’t tried 0.25" material, but it’s only spec’d at 5mm for plywoods (also a different beast in laser types - not comparing directly but giving perspective).

I might give it a shot (order direct), as it’ll give me a much larger laser area versus my other unit (limited to 10"x11")

Not sure what 1F return policy would be, but I’m sure JTech has some form of return policy (haven’t looked).

You need a CO2 laser with air assist. Diode lasers are great for burning images not cutting. Just buy a CO2 laser or use your 1F. Also go check out
lightBurn’s form on this subject. I have a 60w CO2 laser I can only imagine how many pass it would take with a diode on 1/4 in.

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…according to the video linked above (from JTech), the answer is 4. Four passes will cut through 1/4". :wink:

I won’t lie, I’m skeptical. But with some major focussing (lens) and the Z drops, (ultimately only cutting 0.150" by the last pass…) it looks to be feasible.

I also have a 60w CO2 Laser with air assist. It’ll cut 6mm plywood at around 12mm/s, (unless you hit a knot). I can’t imagine how difficult/tedious it will be trying to burn through with a 7w laser. If you plan to do a lot of cutting or long length cutting, you might be better investing in a CO2 laser or just using the router as it’s intended.

Maybe if you wanna cut venere but not anything bigger you would probably end up with chard burnt edges and for the amount of money you can put a little bit more and get a CO2 laser doesn’t make any sense now if you want to just do engraving that’s a good option. You would just be better off using the 1f to cut or get a CO2 laser you should listen to the guys who have 60 W CO2 laser‘s sometimes difficult for us and you’re talking about a 7w laser And that wavelength really is only good for burning not vaporizing but diode lasers do some wonderful photo engraving at slow speed. :man_shrugging:

I hope i did not make a mistake… ill be happy if it can cut 1/8th tbh. I just hope im just as happy with the jtech as i have been with my 1F. so i payed 100$ more for a 3 W less laser. I pulled the trigger on one. Only reason why i pulled the trigger on it was i just have been that happy with the performance of my 1F. and not happy with my laser master 2. lol

I ran some test today with the JTech 7W Pro. I was cutting some script writing from 3/16" plywood. I was successful in mostly cutting through the plywood while running 4 passes at 4 rpm, dropping the Z-axis by 0.025" after each pass.

I say mostly successful in cutting through. Most of the cut could be pushed out with slight pressure, but there was a slight wave in the plywood, so a small section of the cut did not cut through. I had to be more careful in removing that section. There was also significant charring of the edges of the cut pieces.

I have been reading about air-assist on the laser cut. That may help in reducing charring and allow the cut all the way through the plywood.

I am curious how they cut through 1/4" plywood. If I lowered another 0.025" for a fifth pass, there would be a risk of contacting and moving the material.