Laser Implementation

Does anyone put anything on top of their spoilboard to protect it from the laser on their CNC?

I have a 48 x48 sheet of 14 gauge aluminum I use on the 1F when cutting heavy stuff that will not move and scrap pieces of the same I shim under the cut path of smaller pieces I need to clamp. I bought the aluminum at a scrap yard a couple of months ago for $20. Given the marks on it from the laser, it was a good idea, the laser is a beast and puts a spank on the the spoil board if it is unprotected. Yeah, made that mistake. Smoke, I smell smoke… (44w J-Tech).

If youre cutting I would encourage you to use a honeycomb bed. This has several benefits:

  1. cuts that pass through are far cleaner and better on the back side as once the laser penetrates it does not mark up the back with soot;

  2. air and debris from the cut is blown out through the cut, meaning less chance of a fire (ever seen the scorched mess from a part that you don’t get a clean cut through?);

  3. by the time the beam reaches the bottom of the honeycomb bed, if is far out of focus and not likely to mark or damage the bed underneath, nor get so hot that it could penetrate thin aluminum or start a fire.

It goes without saying that your laser is still a fire hazard no matter what, but this does help.

Also, with a steel honeycomb bed you can use simple magnets to hold pieces in position.


Thank you. I got a honeycomb that came with a sheet of aluminum.

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