Laser engraving in a pocket

Hello all, I am trying to laser engrave in a pocket that is .75 in deep. The problem I am having is the laser is hitting the edge of the pocket. Has anyone been able to laser engrave in a pocket?

Yes, I have done it. But you will have to test it for best results. I accidentally got my focus off and found it to be a pain getting the focus back to the standard 1/8" height. So I tried finding the best focus by raising the height off the surface and in my situation it came out best at 1/4" off the surface. This gave me extra height to clear the pocket walls while keeping it 1mm off the surface. When I tried the laser focused this way it burned perfectly in the pocket at a higher setting.

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how did you adjust the focus? Thank You

The silver nut or turn knob inside adjusts the focus. Turn it up or clockwise will raise the focus height of the laser.