[Solved] Laser issues like focus height and quality

When are you sure that the laser is at the perfect height without using the orange thingamabob
and what about the treaded ring around the laser

head, does it need to be tightened ? mine seems to be loose…

I’m asking these questions because my laser letter are coming out really lousy

Watch JTech’s video on how to focus your laser.

I have a different brand of laser but I have found that, indeed, focusing is critical for correct operation.

It’s not very difficult: first decide whether you need a broad beam (faster for text but less crisp) or a narrow beam (ideal for cutting). Then set the laser height roughly with the manufacturer guide.
Finally create and engrave a test pattern (see this video), by varying the Z axis until you have the result you are hoping for.

Again, I don’t know about the JTech but in the case of my Opt Laser, the lens turns to focus (like a camera lens) the beam and so the lens is loose. If the JTech supports focusing the lens, proceed with small movements, an 1/8 of a turn at a time! But first check their manual first to see whether they support focusing the lens.


my bad, I just found out that the little chrome ring around the laser isn’t for fastening but it actually is a focus ring. :neutral_face: that i I shouldn’t F*$#% with

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