Laser Options Besides Jtech

I haven’t meant it too seriously. I just needed a word to describe that conversation that is not even gliding above the laser theme and is just an exhibition of our knowledge about common units…

Thank you for the answer.
That is a new thing to me.
Very glad to hear it.

Hey Dominik,

usually I don’t write just to talk, in fact mostly I avoid it, usually I try to only make informative posts with informations and links for going further. But if I do I am often ironic, it’s always for fun.

Okay, fair enough.
I’ll note it, and I’ll be less annoying next time.
…and Guten Abend to the Europe.

PS: I liked this map to better understand imperial units :slight_smile:
Roadmap to the new uk now?

42CrMo4, Christoph Päper, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Hi Dominik,

I think the best option is to use another laser:

This laser is more compatible than Atomstack. The laser from Laser Tree also has an optical power of 20 watts. But only this laser not has shield from beams.

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