Laser purchase, yes or no?

My Onefinity is not shipping until January (sigh), but I am doing as much research as I possibly can on the laser add-on. So, for the ones that have their machine already and did purchase the laser. Are you happy with it or does anyone have buyer’s remorse and wish they had held off and not purchased it?

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I confess, I do not have a JTech Laser but I have installed them on custom cnc builes and I can tell you for sure that they are first class.


I would go with Opt Lasers. I think they are very quality oriented with its aluminum housing. They also have various diode laser models from 2w up to 15w. They also have various good accessories like high pressure air assist nozzle that helps cutting material faster and then they have good lenses like uSpot which makes cutting even faster

Chech out this

Also look for

  • high pressure air-assist nozzle
  • uSpot

They also have a good facebook group with a good helpfull community.

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I agree, I think they currently have the highest power density of any of the blue lasers, and they are the only ones I would consider for production use (the rest don’t rate their lasers anywhere near as many hours). I have the new 15W unit and can engrave steel and titanium (not just discolor it, but melt it).

Agree - I use a 6W + uSpot lens from Opt Laser - love the design and build quality + great support

The opt lasers 6 watt laser i have is amazing. I love the fact that I can upgrade parts to my laser like the different lenses and a new air assist nozzle for cutting quicker. A great investment and an amazing support team.