Opt Lasers - Laser Kit for 1F Machine

Hi all,

I want to share my first impression with the OptLaser kit for the OneFinity machine.

Prior to the purchase I considered the OneFinity laser add on, but eventually I pulled the trigger on the OptLaser kit.

I have purchased the kit about two months ago and I have no experience with lasers.

The assembly want like a breeze. Real plug and play. I had a minor hold back with the connector to the OneFinity controller, but the tech support team from OptLaser guide me easily through this.

I am impress with the quality of the kit – a lots of aluminum brushed parts, the kit is well designed and well finished.

Another thing to consider is the available accessories. The Kit comes with LaserDock (magnetic laser station) which is a very nice feature. I also appreciate the high-pressure air assist nozzle kit to have a better cleaner cuts (part of the “Summer sale”).

As a control program I use LightBurn as it seems to be a friendly and straightforward software.

I attached one pic (only one is allowed for new users) of one of my first engravings. Still not optimized to the right laser configuration….

All in all, I am very pleased. It’s a well though kit with a very good tech support.




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I had the same experience with the build quality of the OptLasers. I particularly like the magnetic mount that will disconnect the laser in case of contact with the piece or the wasteboard. It’s just safe.

Tip: I bought an honeycomb working table from AliExpress (it’s a spare for dedicated laser machine) and, with the air assist, the cuts are cleaner on the underside.


Will it cut. How many watts is the laser

The laser is 6W.
With the µSpot lens (and air assist) I cut 3mm ply in one pass (90mm/min).
I had posted photos of some of the material I have cut.

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Thank you for the info