Laser choices for 1F

My 1F is due late Oct and have been considering laser add ons. The jtech looks well thought out and reasonably priced and has company support. Has anyone added an air nozzle? I looked over the Optlaser 7w model. It looked really nice with the lens options and air nozzle. Full kit but pretty pricey.
Has anyone used both and noticed a difference in capability to justify the price difference. Also, has anyone been able to add a high power CO2 laser to the 1F? I think that might not be possible.
Trying to get my mind wrapped around all the possibilities of the 1F.


I have shared my first impressions with the Opt Lasers. Since then not much changed, except I have now learned how it dial better and I can cut in less passes.

I don’t have the two for a side-by-side comparison though.

Thx for input. Looks like there are more users trying them out.

the Jtech one we sell is the only one we will officially support, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

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