Laser Surface Scanning

I was not sure where to post this inquiry so here it goes.
Is anyone using a laser surface scanner instead of a touch probe on the Onefinity, or any other CNC, to do 2.5D scanning?
I’ve been looking into it and have found a binocular laser triangulation kit that comes with everything needed for integration as a scanner down to the software to work with the data and save as your favorite file type for further editing, carving, 3D printing, etc. Users with solid electronics, software, and CNC experience, such as myself, should be up and scanning with it in 4 hrs or less.
At $1200, the laser method is by far more expensive. But, if you are keeping your CNC time booked up, it would pay for itself very quickly in the amount of time saved. Using a binocular laser triangulation sensor can yield data with +/- .004" accuracy or better with the right sensor. I would be using it mostly for curved/wavy surfaces but would also be able to perform high-resolution scanning for 2.5D duplicating of existing objects. True 3D scanning would be best left to a dedicated 3D scanner unless you have an A axis.
Anyone else stepping into the laser scanning field?

I too will be interested in any responses you get to your question. I had researched this in the past and had come to the same conclusions as you with respect to probe vs light technologies. Generating and storing the digital data was not always the challenge, rather finding software that knew what to do with the xyz data at a price I could afford was difficult. What you have found seems to be a great price point for a complete system, and I can’t wait to see what you will do with it with your 1F should you choose to explore this technology.

The part of my background that transfers best would be the years I spent working as a laser machinist in the aerospace field. Some of the DoD projects I was involved with gave me some unique experiences and learning.
I’m semi-retired now and putting together my own shop to keep me active. Being a “maker” at heart, my hands and mind having way more idle time than I am used to drives me nuts. Competitive shooting is my hobby and I do some gunsmithing on the side. So, I will be making custom firearms the primary focus of the shop. My 1F Journeyman will have an A-axis, scanning laser, and an etching laser added. The laser will primarily be for parts marking/branding. There will be a dedicated fiber laser for the “heavy lifting” such as cutting, engraving, and dimpling of frames and slides etc.
As long as I get the wife a 3D printer, she’s giving it an OK.


I have been on this and other forums for quite some time, and continue to be impressed and in awe of the depth and breadth of peoples’ backgrounds, and how their skills are being used with the Onefinity CNC. I plan to also add a 4th axis in the future, but will be using a different controller. If your time ever permits, I would really enjoy seeing your set-up and some of your work.