Laser Trouble - Faded on Edges

Hey everyone,

I recently purchased the laser and have been playing around with it for a couple weeks and it has been great. Until today, when I started to burn (low intensity) onto cardstock to make some DIY business cards and experienced a hiccup. The start and ends of lines of text appear to be lower intensity, and are almost not even there. Anybody else experience this?

I’m using LightBurn software v0.9.20, and have included a picture of the workpiece. My lightburn settings are speed = 33.3 and power = 52.5, fill, pass count = 1.

Thanks in advance if anyone knows the root cause!



Not sure but mine was doing something similar. I cleaned the lens and it seems to be fine.

Also you might want to focus the lens by turning the laser in or out to concentrate the light beam to the smallest dot at the 1/8" height.