Laser vs brander

A customer has asked to add their logo to their charcuterie board, and I’m debating between the OneFinity CNC laser, or a wood brander.

What is the long term effect of a laser? Will it fade after a while? Does it stay vibrant for the life of the board?

Thanks in advance for your help!

The great thing about the Onefinity is the ability to attach the jtech laser add on and have the best of both worlds!

The laser basically burns the wood so the design will be there forever. IF you are using the Jtech laser you could do multiple passes to darken the etch.

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Thank you for your input!

I use the laser to burn my logo onto every order I ship out…usually takes about a minute for a 1-3/4” x 2”. Also you can burn smaller lettering with a laser (1/8” for “Woodworking & CNC Designs”)