LinuxCNC on the 1F hardware?

Running it on the Pi is an obvious yes, but my question is directed around the 1F mainboard, is it at all compatible with Linux CNC? or will I have to get separate stepper drivers?

The 1F CNC software drives me nuts, I feel like I am using a smartphone app made for kids there are like 0 advanced features.

You should probably ask in the BuildBotics forum.

Do NOT flash buildbotics firmware on the Onefinity controller. It will render it unusable. The onefinity controller is NOT a buildbotics controller. I was originally built off of their open source code, but has now been deeply forked, in both hardware and software and firmware.


Well then, Is LinuxCNC compatible with the 1F controller MainBoard?

I was not aware that the Buildbotics Hardware was different from the 1F Hardware good to know.

The onefinity controller is only designed to run onefinity software.

I would suggest you look at other controller options like masso discussed in the forums as others who wanted a different experience did that. It would use the mechanicals bit not the Controller box as well

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