Customized firmware

Has anyone attempted and/or successfully cloned the Onefinity git repo and compiled/build the firmware and deployed it to their controller?

Inquiring minds would like to know, this one in particular. I’ve been looking and can’t find anyone other than 1F building the firmware.

Thought I would try building the firmware on my Debian system but little luck. Seems the build instructions are not up to date. What really surprised me was the use of Debian 9 when the current Debian is at 12! Make you wonder about all the security and bug fixes since then to the kernel.

Has anyone other than OneFinity tried building?

Hey Dave,

the secret is here → bbserial @Aiph5u

In detail

Note: Besides bbserial.ko problem, the Raspberry Pi OSDebian (it’s a fork with proprietary kernel image and firmware fetched from Raspberry Pi Foundation server in a file in your /etc/apt/sources.list.d)

What a shame, not forking and rolling in changes kind of defeats the purpose of open source. I fully expected to see a common branch in the 1F source tree but evidently they forked from something and then went on their merry way.

I would tackle this but other alternatives seem more attractive than spending my remaining days on something very few would be interested in helping.

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Hey Dave, hey all,

the thing is, they are not CNC controller software developers. They are CNC machine manufacturers :slight_smile: That is something totally different.

For a controller for my personal machine, it see it similarly. LinuxCNC already exists :slight_smile: And when you know where it comes from, you know it’s the original. But it is a software, not a hardware. You need to know how to build a PC to be able to use it. I know how to do this, but most of the people don’t so have to decide which CNC controller to find.

But I like the Buildbotics project, I’m somehow fascinated of how someone dived into such things like electronics, microcontrollers, multi-user operating systems, and Open Source culture, which are the things where I originate from, he coming from a different point than me. And finally both got into 3D machine control, which practically means RS-274 language, developed first a 3D toolpath simulation software and then a CNC controller. Of course someone like me is fascinated.

And here, I have gained an affection for the many users of the machine with the buildbotics-derived controller over the course of more than two years on this forum. I own such a machine and I will use it, fixing and compensating for many bugs of the machine and I want to show and share that with the users because these are the things that I know how to do and that I want to apply to a use of my machine.

Unfortunately, I have a lot of other things going on in my life at the moment that are keeping me very busy, so I’m not making much progress with it. But at the moment something is happening with the obstacles that I’m clearing.

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