Controller Firmware Updates

I have some questions about the Buildbotics Controller Firmware/Software updates. According to the user manual on the Buildbotics website, the controller will display the current version and recommend and update if a new version is available if it has an internet connection.

What is the procedure for installing updates for the controller?

Will Onefinity be testing/configuring firmware updates for use on the Woodworker/Machinist and then making the updates available to customers through

Or, will we get updates directly from Buildbotics?

If the updates come from Buildbotics, are there any risks updating in regards to custom setting specific to the Onefinity CNC machines?


You will get your updates via Onefinity, NOT Buildbotics. Do NOT install firmware from buildbotics on our controller.
Currently, there are no updates. Once an update is released, we will share that and it’s updating procedures here.



Just a recomendation, but I think this information would be a great addition as a section in the Owners Manual.

Thanks for the info.


We’ll make a note of it!

@onefinitycnc - so Buildbotics is open source; since we will be getting updates from you directly, will you be providing the source code as well?


It’s already on github



Do we need to join github for controller updates or will they be on this location?

You will not. We will post a how to and create a video when there is one to update to


Awesome look forward to getting my machine

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Given the relative complexity of the controller’s architecture, I’m curious if the RPI software will be updated independently of the AVR SW? I would think UI changes and features would come much more frequently than changes in the actual control SW? I’m also thinking some sort of plug-in architecture would be wonderful (if it’s not already there).

Anyway, the OF code baseline doesn’t appear to be a fork of the Buildbotics baseline. In fact, it doesn’t look like the Git repo is being used for active development in any way. Just curious if will there be divergent baselines? Or is there a private dev stream that will be synchronized? Just curious.