Upgrade the Raspberry Pi (hardware) in the controller?

Can the Raspberry PI in the controller be upgraded? I think it’s kind of underpowered.

Hey quesohusker,

this is true. Buildbotics.com considered it as capable enough for a CNC controller, but it is not capable enough to show the camotics.org 3D toolpath simulation, currently you see it only when you use the Onefinity User Interface from a (more graphics-capable) remote computer.

So I would think, yes, there is a way to install a Raspberry Pi 4 in your Onefinity Controller if you observe a few things:

As for the Onefinity Controller’s current operating system, a frozen and totally outdated Raspbian OS from 2017, updating this OS on the Onefinity SD card image brings many problems and will not work, as explained in the following below. So what would work instead, is take a recent Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit), flash it on a SD card, boot it, and build (=compile and install) the Onefinity System from its sources.

It should however possible to take an SD card and flash a new, up-to-date Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit) on it and to build (=compile and install) the Onefinity System from the sources, as mentioned above, where I mentioned that a user built the buildbotics sources on a recent Raspberry Pi 400 with a recent 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS system.

Wow. Thanks. I’m pretty savvy, but even that seems beyond me. What it looks like is that the original BB controller is pretty much locked into what is there now, and that the future of Onefinity is the Elite series…updating the classic and pro line controllers probably isn’t worth it as I’m sure they will be phasing them out over the next several years.

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They are working a 2.0 codeline which include a rpi4 update as well.

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Hey quesohusker,

Possibly, but someone that can build onefinity-firmware from the sources can easily achieve it and mount a Raspberry Pi 4 into the Onefinity controller (with modifying front plate to accomodate the swapped Ethernet and USB ports) on a recent Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit) SD card image.

I don’t think so. First, the buildbotics-derived Onefinity controller has an unbeatable price and it is a complete and capable 4-axis CNC controller.

Second, there is still the original Buildbotics Controller that is under development. It evolved a bit (What’s new in Buildbotics 1.0.2, What’s new in Buildbotics 1.0.0) since Onefinity forked the system and it has now a 15-pin auxiliary I/O port which allows to use external stepper drivers and stepper motors, e.g. closed-loop steppers or servos. See here for details.


Prior to switching to the Masso controller, I ran my BB with a CM4 on a Pi3 adapter (https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/CM4-to-Pi3-Adapter) and an external WiFi antenna for a long time with no problems at all.

Correction: You must use the 64 bit version, I cannot comment on using internal memory (it’s been a long time since I installed it and forgot it was the 32 bit version that gave problems)