Longer probe wire?

I have the onefinity probe purchased with the machine, along with the standard length probe wire. I could actually use a longer probe wire. I currently have it routed on my workbench in such a way it sometimes comes up a little short.
Thanks, MB

Same here. My Controller is indoors and wires go through wall. I wonder if speaker wire would work. It’s not high current.

It just completes a circuit, you can make a longer wire if needed. Speaker wire would work but over time the insulation may crack over time due to repeated bending, you could use a flexible material like wire with silicone insulation for something more durable.

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Thanks guys for your feedback. MB

@charleyntexas makes the touch probes. I just contacted him and had him make up an 8’ cable for me. His website is https://triquetra-cnc.com/

Thanks for the lead! Have a great day. MB