Looking for advice on cuts

It is so hard to explain everything. I did hit the E-stop before the collet bottomed out. but i only had about 3 pass’s left to do:( Im thinking of copying the vector boundary expanding it buy 2 inchs (1 inch all around) and making a .5 inch deep pocket with in the new vector to give collet room? or am i asking for trouble?
Stock size 7.5" x 12" x 1.8125
Bits im using please tell me if im screwing up
.25 ball nose for roughing out
Tapered Ball Nose (6.2°, Tip 0.0313 - 1/4") for final pass

Sounds like you’ve got the right idea. I’d use something bigger (like a 1/4") and hog out all the material that you don’t need. You could even use a surfacing bit of you were so inclined.

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hmm i put in my 6210 surfacing bit for a roughing pass did this fix my issue? as of now 6210 roughing then my .25 ball nose (also roughing) then my tapered ball. looking at the preview almost looks like i will have enough room for the collet?

I’d cut down the waste* even more if it were me. Better to get it out of the way if you don’t need it.

*I’m assuming all the uncarved material around the skull is waste.

Found easy way i think to do this. with the 6210 bit loaded and first roughing pass I set the boundary offset to 1.25" 2nd roughing pass is set to .25 for final cutout prep hdskull23.JPG - Google Drive
this is a preview of after roughing pass 2 and 3 is complete.

That looks good! I think you’ve got it!

Thinking about ways to save time and material if you cut this or a similar design again, you may be able to just glue a cube in the middle of your flat stock and skip all the material hogging.

can you input different shapes like that into vcarve for stock size? or would you make 2 gcodes <that sounds like a pain splitting the model into 2? for the adding the cube thing… granted im am doing some hogging on this. so i do agree. gluing lumber is my next skill i need to learn anyway…

I use Fusion 360 and it’s no problem to build stock in any shape you want. It may not be so easy in other programs, I can’t speak to that.

I think that it may not matter though. You could theoretically go two ways:

  1. use the same program you already have and just cut some air
  2. skip some (or all) of the roughing toolpaths and go straight to finishing. Someone in these forums (I apologize for not remembering who) has suggested that with a tiny step over it is possible to have a very large depth of cut relative to bit size. I can’t verify this with personal experience however.

Lol. When you think you got things figured out. My power strip reset during the cut. Was a cheap one i thought it would be ok<-- thought wrong… never gave me a issue before. But i never used my 6210 on hardwood before. Think i might need to look into a longer shaft on my surfacing bit:( got the job done but was very close.

I’m sure i did something wrong. but i dont know what i did wrong. (other then jumping the gun and hitting the E-stop) Did my roughing with a 6210 bit when i was changing bits i was using the probe to set Z and the bit was not registering with the probe so i screwed up and hit E-stop (lost X,Y) set X and Y as close as i can. then I select my 2nd roughing path with 1/4 BN. I start the toolpath. It’s different path then what i had setup in Vcarve. the Onefinity does not see that i already did the first roughing. So now I’m CNCing in the air. so i let it run. It gets late so i pause my job. still cutting air. and goto bed. I get up. fire up the router and hit play. started ok. but with in a few min it dropped down and started cutting deep in some places then started flatting my wood. I dont understand what is going on hmm.jpg - Google Drive just from pausing it for 7 hours and this happens? P.S. the screen shows im -.7 into my job so Z did not reset on me