My Journeyman is not cutting the dimensions as setup

Hi all,
This is my first time posting in the forum. This machine has been amazing, but, i have a problem with the machine not cutting the proper dimensions. One of the biggest problems I’m incurring is lets say in V-Carve Pro I call for a 1/4" slot, 1" long. I’m using a 1/8" compression bit so it cuts the slots into a dogbone shape (which I’m ok with) but when I measure the slot it’s actually .236" instead of .250" and the length is slightly shorter as well. Any ideas on how to tune the machine up to be closer to the .250 mark if that’s what the project calls for?

Does your 1/8" bit measure exactly .125"?

Edit: Your slot is 0.014" too small. 3mm is 0.007" smaller than 0.125". I think your bit is metric.


I believe you’re right! Thank you. The bit came from a set of Freud CNC bits. It is listed as an 1/8" 1/4" shank. I removed the bit and measured it. It measured .115 at its maximum width. So, is there away to adjust that? Maybe in the tool data base? Because they say it’s 1/8", but, obviously not.

Yeah, just change your tool diameter to 3mm (or .115", 3mm is actually .118") and regenerate your tool paths.


Thanks again! I’ll do that going forward. Lol… I spent a lot of time adjusting the plans to compensate for it. On a positive note… I learned a whole lot about node editing. Once I got it figured out, I flew through the design and changed all the slots with offsets and I changed the profile shapes with the node edits, so everything fits together. It’s been frustrating to say the least, but… the benefits from the education far out weigh the frustration getting to the AHA moment. And what I learned from your helpful advice is always measure the bit before entering it into the tool database!

Yeah, and don’t trust the manufacturers .tool database. My Whiteside 3/8 bowl bit had the wrong profile in their file, luckily I caught it before using it because I saw the diameter was incorrect.

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