My carve is .25" larger then it should be

I carved that last night, and in Vcarve it was on a 24"x24" sheet. I did multiple tool paths, with the hollow portions being “inside” the line profile cuts, and the outline being a outside the line profile cut. The sheet of MDO I used was 24.0625" x 24.0625".

1 locke in the back of the main, and the 3 tips on top all had the CNC moving beyond the cut area, I’d say somewhere between a 1/16th and 1/4.

Now I can save this with some clever sanding, but I am not sure why I exceeded the cut area. I have to cut out some nested parts next, that if they are short, I for sure won’t be saving them lol.

Edit: I should add, it was centered on the 24x24 project in Vcarve, and the line was close to the edge. I was making it as close as I could.

Did you use the correct sized bit for what you selected in CAM? For example, if you selected a 1/4" end mill in CAM but ran it on the CNC with a 1/8" end mill, then the outer profile would be offset outward by 1/16".

Yea, I made the gcode with a .125 down cut end mill, with a 1" LOC from Bits & Bits, and that was the bit I used…

Would setting it to cut “outside the line” cause it to be slightly larger? Like I know it would be bigger then I side the line. But would it cause it to be larger then the cut area? It’s so weird.

When you probed your XYZ, did you leave the diameter set at .25 with your .125 bit in the collet?

I did change it to .125.

I’m thinking I’m out of square or something. It’s weird, cause I squared up originally. I just attempted to put a perfect square on my scrap board. Ran the bit around it, and it kept going off. When I finally got it to stay perfect on the edge of the Y axis square, running it along X axis, I was off by like 3/16ths or less? I unscrewed the X rail, and tried to aline it, didn’t seem to work. But then all of a sudden, it seems square again. I can go around the entire square staying on edge.

Not sure if I fixed it by adjusting the x axis, or if my bench is tweaking just ever so slightly… The bed is a torsion box, so it really shouldn’t be tweaking at all.

I’m about halfway through my nest cut and everything seems perfectly where it’s supposed to be. So idk.