Lost X & Z totally

Hi Guys, We are newbies to the CNC, been playing around and creating for about a couple of months now.
Was cutting out a simple board with 2 hild down clamps well out of the way.
It had done 2-3 perfect passes and the all hell broke lose. The machine went rogue maybe 8" off line of pattern and managed to clip one of my clamps.
I know have absolute no X & Z movement.
I have rebooted control box(a simple turn off and on)
When it boots up it asks to HOME it…awesome I thought.
I watch screen count down homing of Z them X with absolutely no physical kovement.
Then it home the Y like a dream.
Cannot move in X or Z direction with anything.

Any ideas.


Hi Scott - welcome to the forums. First, recommend you check all the physical connections. At the controller, at the steppers, and all the places in between. It just so happens X and Z travel the same paths. If everything is connected, take a close look at each connector and ensure the pins and wires are seated properly and nothing has broken free. If all that is good, I would send a note to OF support and get their assistance. Best of luck! Let us know how it turns out.


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Thanks for the advice Tom, you nailed it! Cables had somehow worked loose and once reconnected ended the problem.
Thanks for the prompt reply, much appreciated.