M0-T251 g-code from carbide create

While waiting on my machine, I’ve been playing around with carbide create to generate a few files that I can load into mach3 to simulate the operations & I’ve noticed M0-T251 appears just about every time I create a file & I have to press cycle start 2 times to get mach3 to start the operation.
I won’t be using mach3, rather the controller that comes with my 1F, just wanted to view the cuts in mach3 as camotics doesn’t want to run on my current pc.

From what I can find, M0 is stop operation or pause operation. Not sure what the T251 is.
Aside from pressing start twice, is there any need for this code to be in there or am I overthinking this?
If it doesn’t need to be there, what’s the easiest way to edit it out of my gcode?
The files I’m generating are single tool, single operations like inside cutout of a donut, so there’s no tool change or anything wild.