Machining Aluminum with Wood Endmills

I am looking to open a small pocket in some T-Track so I could slide the bolt in and make things overcomplicated :thinking:. Could I just use my wood endmils from SpeTools or Amana or should I purchase my aluminum endmill.

Side question, if you were only going to do two, would you write G-Code or just do it with the controller on really “Extra slow”.

Well, I’ve done it by accident - does that count??

A carbide end-mill can cut aluminum without trouble. If you’re doing something small like this, your standard down-cut end mill will work fine - just slow down the router. Most special-made aluminum bits are single flute - so they are cutting less, and it’s easier to get the right chip-load. If you cut aluminum too fast, it melts.

I’d suggest doing this with g-code, so you can ramp in and take light passes for what needs to be cut.