Major changes to Fusion 360 for hobby use

Autodesk just announced major changes to the free version of Fusion 360 (nerfed) so if that was the way you were planning on going you need to look again.

They have been slowly removing features from the free license for a while. I assume eventually I will need to buy the license to do what I want to do on it. Not today, but it’s coming.
Here is a summary:

Effective October 1, 2020, functionality in Fusion 360 for personal use will be limited, and you’ll no longer have access to the following:

Probing, 3 + 2-axis milling (tool orientation), multi-axis milling, rapid moves, automatic tool changes

Multi-sheets, smart templates, output options for drawings (print only).

Download options from public share links
Cloud rendering

Export options including F3Z, DWG, DXF, IGES, SAT, and STEP

Simulation and generative design

Unlimited active and editable Fusion 360 documents (10 doc limit).

Fusion 360 extensions

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Reading the announcement, I think it will still do everything I want it to for personal CAD/CAM. Looks like they are wanting to more clearly define what personal use is (vs commercial use). FAQ here.
I don’t think losing rapid moves will make a big difference. I do worry about probing, but i think that can be still done manually with the onefinity controller, instead of being written into the gcode.

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Somehow I skipped over simulation going away. Not happy about that.

To be clear: the simulation they are removing is model simulation/finite element analysis/generative design simulation.

You will still be able to simulate your CAM toolpaths in the manufacturing environment.

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Ok, not bad then. 20 characters